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Privacy Policy


Last Modified on 7th August 2018

We ask you read this privacy notice carefully to ensure you're happy to continue using our products.

From our website, we only personally collect your email address when you explicitly request to join our Mailing List using the "Keep Me Posted!" button above.

Our website and apps also utilize some Third Party Software which may collect and store your information themselves, see their individual Privacy Policies below to make sure you're happy to comply:

We will not share your email address with anybody else, and will use it only to send out emails regarding us or our apps. If you no longer wish for us to hold your email address, please do not hesitate to contact us using the email in the footer, and we will fulfill your request as soon as possible.

We use Google Analytics purely to track how many people are using our products, we will never share this information with anybody else. However we cannot control what Google may do with this information, so read their privacy policy linked above if in doubt.

We use advertising on our products to provide some revenue, since we provide everything to you free of charge. This is all done through Google, if you wish to stop sharing your information through Google, please contact them. We will not use any data that may be provided through Google's Advertising.

When we receive your email above, it is stored securely on servers. We will not personally misuse this information, but for exactly what Wix may use it for, see their Privacy Policy above.

Finally, if you wish for us, or any of our partners, to remove or request the data stored about you, please contact the relevant parties and they will be happy to sort out your request, as you have a Right to know what data is being stored and how.

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